Do You Want To Hold A Boxing Day Sale

Do you want to hold a Boxing Day sale, but feel less-than-thrilled to be discounting yet again after The Year We've Had? Don't worry, here are some alternative ideas to a traditional % discount! ✨

🌟 Create product bundles to increase your average order value, while still providing a deal for your customers. Pick 2 or 3 bestsellers and bundle them together to create an irresistible offer!

🌟 Increase discounts based on spend. Instead of having a blanket discount or individual item discounts, another way to increase your AOV is to offer staggered discounts. So spend $100, get 10% off. Spend $200, get 20% off, and so on.

🌟 Value add with free gifts. Instead of discounting, try value adding with a free gift. This could be as simple as offering an abundance of samples, or offering free customisation.

🌟 Release an exclusive offer. An exciting alternative could be to release an exclusive, limited time holiday offer. Many cosmetic companies do this - offering special holiday editions of their best sellers.

✨ We hope these tips have inspired you to think of the sale season in a new way! If you try any of these tips be sure to let us know or share them below 👇, we'd love to check out your offers! 



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