The Importance Of Cohesive Branding

A cohesive brand is the number one foundation you need to grow a successful business. But let's be honest, not everyone has the budget to hire us for a full branding package & receive a packaged collection of brand elements all in the one handy location!

The Importance of Cohesive Branding

Brand Board Kit Example 1
Brand Board Kit Example 2
Brand Board Kit Example 3
Brand Board Kit Example 4
Brand Board Kit Example 5

Which is why we created our DIY Brand Board Kit! The best bit? It's only $12! 🎉

🙁 Your branding feels “meh” and does not inspire you
🙁 Your brand colours look off
🙁 You wish you had more consistency in your branding
🙁 You spend hours trying to define what things should look like, or picking out colours and elements for one design

😊 Saves you precious time and hours - no more fumbling to find HEX codes or font names every time you whip up a graphic!
😊 Inspires you to experiment with different colour and font combinations, while also giving you a holistic overview of how your brand choices complement each other.
😊 Enables you to succinctly communicate your wants and desires to designers and content creators.
😊 Get inspired, stay focused, build your brand vision and save precious hours with these pre-designed Brand Board Templates!

➡️ Want to get your brand organised for just $12 head on over to our e-shop to purchase yours! 🌸




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