The Marketing Spotlight

Brand Colours: How the Psychology of Colours Can Influence Customers
We examine the psychology of colour theory and modern marketing. Choosing the right brand colours for your business is an important aspect of attracting the right customers. This is because along with your brand voice and tone, your colour palette is one of the most critical factors in your overall brand image. 
Build Your Brand With Curated And Consistent Content
Struggling with content creation? The fastest and most sustainable way to build your brand is by providing consumers with curated and consistent content across all channels. We've thrown together, a quick guide on the importance of consistent content and how your brand can achieve this crucial milestone. 
Building Your Brand: 6 Steps to Creating Your On-Brand Logo
When creating a brand, it is important to consider what you want in a business name and logo. Here, we discuss the six steps you can take to create an on-brand logo and drive the success of your company.
10 Brand Marketing Tips To Jump Start Your Small Business On A Budget
Building and marketing a brand has never been more important, but creating a winning brand identity on a budget, is no easy task! Whether your small business is new or established, the identity you create impacts every facet of your success.
6 Concepts to Help You Develop Your On-Brand Logo
Brand image is a marketing necessity that requires a holistic approach. From your business name to your logo to your products or services, everything about your brand should work to build your audience and their trust.
The Best-Paid Stock Photography Providers for Feminine Focused Businesses
A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if your business exudes a feminine brand style! Choose imagery that accurately represents your brand.