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The Hidden Meaning of Fonts
It's not just the words themselves that matter. How your words appear visually — the specific typefaces and fonts you use on your website and in your logo design — matters too. When it comes to establishing your brand, upgrading your brand recall and loyalty, and improving all aspects of your customer acquisition, engagement and retention, you must consider the psychology, influence and interpreted meanings behind your fonts. 
Alternative Sale Options To Use When You're Tired Of Discounting Your Products!
If you're tired of resorting to using 'percent-off' sale tactics and discounts (i.e., 50% Off, 70% Off Sale, etc.), you're not the only one. These tactics are outdated and often overused in the marketing world, conditioning customers to wait for...
How Much Should You Pay for a Logo Design?
Why Lasting Value is More Important Than a Low Price! No matter what the nature of your business, the logo you design is more than just a picture. To your customers, your logo design is a symbol of your brand....
How Do Customers Make Purchase Decisions?
It’s the question all business owners want to understand – how do customers make purchasing decisions? What triggers them to buy one brand over another? We unpack the fundamentals and help you better understand your buyer's journey and their decision-making process, so you can get one step closer to sales success.
7 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Sender Success
Email is a convenient form of communication to promote your goods or services, attract new leads, retain loyal current buyers, and even entice back customers. Here are seven email marketing tips to help your emails get noticed and increase your online traffic and sales.
Finding the Right Social Media Influencer for Your Brand
Social influencers are important for social media marketing. They help promote a brand to bring attention to its products for a boost in sales. If you decide to work with influencers, here is how you choose the right one.
How Local SEO Differs From Conventional SEO
Deploying the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is vital to effectively market your business in search results. Here we explore two SEO strategy options and their differences.
Building Your Brand: 6 Steps to Creating Your On-Brand Logo
When creating a brand, it is important to consider what you want in a business name and logo. Here, we discuss the six steps you can take to create an on-brand logo and drive the success of your company.
3 Little eCommerce Mistakes That Cost Online Stores Millions of Dollars
Whether you’re a large or small business, chances are you’ve made at least one of these eCommerce mistakes. But the good news is, they can all be easily fixed and/or avoided.
10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Physical Products
Can businesses that sell physical products online or in-store, benefit from lead magnets? The answer is yes! Here, we share 10 types of lead magnet ideas you can use to grow your customer base.
10 Brand Marketing Tips To Jump Start Your Small Business On A Budget
Building and marketing a brand has never been more important, but creating a winning brand identity on a budget, is no easy task! Whether your small business is new or established, the identity you create impacts every facet of your success.
6 Concepts to Help You Develop Your On-Brand Logo
Brand image is a marketing necessity that requires a holistic approach. From your business name to your logo to your products or services, everything about your brand should work to build your audience and their trust.
10 Conversion-Crippling Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Businesses generate an average of $38 in revenue for every $1 invested in email marketing. If you're making any of these 10 conversion crippling mistakes, you can expect a lower (or negative!) ROI.
The Pros and Cons of Instagram for Your Business
Wondering why to choose Instagram over the other online platforms? Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but finding the ones that best meet the needs of your organization can be challenging.
5 Tips For Capturing Professional Instagram Photos With a Smartphone
Compete with the best of Instagram's influencers - pull out your smartphones and get snapping! We share 5 tips on how to optimise your smartphone photos and create professional-looking content.
The Best-Paid Stock Photography Providers for Feminine Focused Businesses
A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if your business exudes a feminine brand style! Choose imagery that accurately represents your brand.
Build Your Brand Online: Craft Your Brand Identity in 7 Steps
If you operate an e-commerce company, a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, or do business both online and in-person, building your brand online is more important than ever.
10 Web Design Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Site
How to avoid these 10 most common web design mistakes and improve user experience.
10 E-Commerce Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business Conversions

Is your e-commerce conversion rate low? It's time to identify your errors and make improvements for better sales.

5 Tips for Building Landing Pages That Convert
How to build a high-converting landing page that converts online traffic into paying customers or email list subscribers.
10 Tried-and-True Tactics for Local SEO Marketing
10 tried-and-true tactics for local SEO marketing that will improve sales, boost rankings and provide better online exposure.