Marketing Your Brand is a Brand & Digital Marketing Agency + Consultancy helping clients achieve international eCommerce success. Serving clients along the West Coast of the United States and across Australia, our experienced in-house experts create polished and marketable brands, websites and content to Inspire - Engage - Connect - Convert your audience.

Meet the enthusiastic team shaping international brands with impactful high-value content and conversion optimised websites. We help you cut through the saturated market noise with the power of great content, UX website design, and strategic marketing practices.

The A-Team You Can Count On

Founder & Director

"Mrs Fix It, Marketing & Brand Expert!"

Peggy is a strategic marketing and website expert who oversees all of our projects as your Design & Website Account Manager. With 17+ years of industry experience in marketing projects and front end UX website design for eCommerce, retailers and service providers, Peggy offers her expertise with a track record in generating upwards of $10 million in sales revenue—thanks to her strategic digital marketing and consumer psychology mindset. Without a doubt, strategic and marketable websites are her area of absolute expertise. Peggy is enthusiastic about your business success and driven to see your brand succeed from the get-go! She works closely with clients throughout the project journey and is the catalyst you need to turn your business into a prized brand performer. During her project downtime, Peggy shares her marketing insights by mentoring our community through the Website and Brand Building Workshops and one-on-one consulting hours (but with limited availability, take advantage while you get the chance!).

Brand & Content Coordinator

"Brand Dreamweaver"

Meet Emily, Brand Strategist and Content Extraordinaire! With 5 years of industry experience in crafting brands, websites, and content, Emily is our Brand Sorceress, waving her magic content wand across copywriting, website design, graphic design, social media marketing, brand strategy, and strategic messaging. Emily’s passion for branding was first ignited by luxury giants like Chanel and Guerlain, but she got her practical start working with small family businesses (it's all about balance). Emily knows how to ignite consumer conversations and helps our clients appeal to their deeper needs. Using marketing strategy, design know-how, and sales psychology, she knows what it takes to create marketable websites that convert visitors into buyers who keep coming back. Your brand and content direction has never been in safer hands, Emily is committed to using strategic action that helps your brand grow. If you're in need of content strategy and planning, you can also take advantage of a one-on-one consult with Emily.

Client Account Manager

"Business Enabler"

Rebecca is our highly talented project enabler and strategic ‘go to’ person. As our Client Account Manager, she is responsible for ensuring the right plans and strategic direction are adhered to. She loves ensuring that your project and marketing plans come to life, whether that be in the form of website builds, managing the creation of impactful content or new brand design. Bec will be with you every step of the way and make sure it all goes smoothly. She enjoys big picture brand strategy through to implementation (of course, being a perfectionist with the finer details). Rebecca is highly organised, reliable and uses her initiative to ensure our client’s business is supported to succeed. With over 6 years of marketing and brand experience, Rebecca has worked within marketing agencies and in-house marketing positions for eCommerce and service-based clients. Managing many projects and campaigns has given her an in-depth understanding and empathy for both large-scale and small business strategies – making her a great partner to our clientsa and a friendly business enthusiast.



"Junior Wordy Nerd"

Gemma loves putting a brand's true purpose into words. With an articulate and detail orientated approach, she helps craft and capture the essence of your brand in copy form across blogs and website platforms. Having recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communications, Gemma holds a strong passion for the future of the digital world. Gemma can be found assisting the project team with carefully researched and clever copy across copywriting projects and website platforms. When she is not working on her word analysis, she loves immersing herself in all of the latest wellbeing, fitness, fashion, skincare, and beauty education. She is naturally curious, eager for knowledge, and has a hidden knack for researching and problem-solving. No matter your brand's tone of voice or preferred writing style—Gemma will find a way to get the right message across.

Graphics Assistant

"Design & Project Understudy"

Carlo is our digital design sidekick who loves getting creative with graphics that make an impact. You’ll find him working behind the scenes on our internal and client projects from Monday to Friday. He’s a natural at meeting our client’s briefs by creating striking designs on Adobe XD, Photoshop and Canva software. Carlo is our all-around project & graphics helper! He works alongside our graphics and website team. And with the patience of a saint, he fiddles with time-consuming video, illustrations and image editing for our website and content projects. He also doubles as our junior digital assistant. Clients will often see him working on the back end of their Shopify or WordPress website with our development team. He also has a hidden passion for assisting in HTML projects. Clients will often hear Peggy harp on about how much she loves Carlo’s can-do attitude.

Project Coordinator

"Queen of Projects"


A regular in our client portal, clients will know her as The Princess of Project Land– Celanie is our beloved Project Coordinator who we just can’t live without. Celanie is responsible for gathering all those essential project requirements from clients such as project notes, draft copy, images, logo’s, research and background, and more. She is an essential part of helping your project kick-off and will ensure your timeline runs smoothly! Highly experienced at managing everything from simple website builds to staying on top of complex website development projects, Celanie is our organisation and quality control superstar. She is the gatekeeper to all project start dates, a perfectionist at heart, and is in charge of our content quality control (and is as fussy as Peggy!). Celanie spends a lot of her time ensuring that Peggy and the team have all the quality content they need prior to commencing your project to ensure it runs smoothly. So keep an eye out for Celanie’s emails in your inbox, because they are always very important.

Create With Canva Presenter

"Creative Guide"

With a love of art and design, Liam set out to break the mould of the “day job" by following his entrepreneurial path into the world of graphic design. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands how hard it is to stand out in a crowd of competition. Liam is passionate about making a difference in the lives of small business owners and hopes to empower your world with easy to do art and design. Working under Peggy’s direction, Liam delivers easy to understand Canva guidance in the Marketing Your Brand Create With Canva eCourse (which you receive as a gift with any Marketing Your Brand Social Media Template). Our carefully curated and planned Canva learning journey would turn any novice business owner into their own content building master, with all the tips and shortcuts you need to learn Canva in half the time.

Our HTML & CSS Team

A dedicated team of in-house Shopify & Wordpress HTML, Liquid & SASS experts for your website project.

Marketing Your Brand’s in-house web-development team are experts in the field of HTML, Liquid Coding and SASS.

This means you can choose to utilise any third party software or even develop a new software application with us. The sky is the limit. Utilising our industry expertise means you have access to a digital house with no rookies. We don’t cut corners, and our web-projects are built according to our specialised UX conversion practices.

Our web development team is based in Brisbane, Australia, San Diego and California, USA. Our Digital Agency operates 100% remotely, and our teams are assigned to projects based on your niche and whether you require a Shopify, WordPress or Squarespace website build. Each packaged project and custom developed website is built to our high-quality standards and our own Best Practice, Innovative and Marketable Website Checklist (BPIMWC).

We have long-established companies that have been with us for multiple years, and we are proud to be the go-to website and brand team servicing many family-run businesses.

Website All-rounder
HTML & SASS Specialist

"Information Architect"

Based in the USA, known to clients as our in-house Information Architect, he is a website and software developer that is truly one-of-a-kind. Having worked in technology since before the rise of Google, he has really seen it all when it comes to technological advancements. He works across all website software platforms from Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Wix, Squarespace and more – you name it he’s mastered it. Our Information Architect is renowned for navigating and developing cutting-edge & corporate websites with passion. He is experienced in all IT aspects, from creating simple website designs all the way up to complex backend dashboards. From building software to manipulating html code, our Information Architect is Peggy’s right hand man!

Team Shopify
Shopify & SASS Specialist

"Shopify Allstar"

As a Shopify Partner, Marketing Your Brand only works with the best Shopify coders, it's a decision that comes naturally to us especially as Shopify powers over 1,700,000 businesses. Based in the USA, our resident Shopify & SASS Software Developer has years of experience working with Shopify and is a Liquid Code expert. He knows the ins and outs of Shopify like he built the platform. Our long-standing relationship with him means we can overcome some pretty sticky liquid code and app situations like the Shopify Boss's we are. Working with our Shopify Team means you will ensure your website delivers the brand appeal and the need to convert your visitors into sales. So whether you need a custom-developed Shopify store or a basic Shopify starter pack, we have your Shopify eCommerce platform needs covered.

Team WordPress
Wordpress Specialist

"WordPress Hero"

Marketing Your Brand delivers custom WordPress websites as they are an excellent choice for reliable, easy customisation and a powerful platform to help reach your online business goals. Our resident WordPress specialist is a proud new dad who excels in the corporate-style website scene and is based in Brisbane. As a WordPress Specialist, he has developed many successful websites for reputable businesses and brands, and he holds an underground passion for creative and outside-of-the-box thinking. Our clients are delighted with the original WordPress designs and customisations because we produce and deliver quality WordPress websites that meet your business goals.