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Werko is a leading independent distributor in Australia, specialising in Workplace Supplies & Solutions. With an extensive range of products, Werko streamlines workplace functionality, offering a hassle-free ordering system, simple account management, and easy access to order history.  Werko’s mission is to simplify workloads with competitive pricing, ensuring they offer the lowest prices without compromising on quality. Werko values personalised service and one-on-one relationships, appealing to both small businesses and large corporations.

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Brand Foundations

For Werko, our brand foundation project was a strategic endeavour to crystallise their core identity and articulate their commitment to workplace safety and customer service. We focused on developing brand elements that encapsulate Werko’s essence and guide their business operations.

We crafted a set of brand foundations that resonated deeply with Werko’s ethos. These included a clear brand purpose statement and a memorable brand mantra, reflecting their dedication to safety, affordability, and service excellence in the workplace.

Our approach also involved aligning Werko’s brand messaging with their operational goals. This alignment ensures their communications across all platforms are consistent, effectively conveying their commitment to quality, transparency, and customer-centric values.

This project has been instrumental in defining Werko’s brand identity, providing them with a robust foundation to confidently communicate their vision and values to their audience.

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