Virtual Consultation Hours | Hourly Support Packages For Start-ups
Virtual Consultation Hours | Hourly Support Packages For Start-ups
Virtual Consultation Hours | Hourly Support Packages For Start-ups
Virtual Consultation Hours | Hourly Support Packages For Start-ups
Virtual Consultation Hours | Hourly Support Packages For Start-ups
Virtual Consultation Hours | Hourly Support Packages For Start-ups

Virtual Consultation Hours | Hourly Support Packages For Start-ups

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Imagine the difference 4, 8 or even 35-hours of professional on-demand marketing support can provide to you and your business. You will never be stuck or stressed when a helping hand is only a click away!

This virtual subscription service is best suited to those who require casual assistance for marketing advice, hands-on website design & strategy, graphic design or copywriting needs. This system works the same as being on a retainer - except there is no monthly commitment. Simply, pay when needed and top-up as you go!

Peggy Worrell and Emily Foley act as your private Marketing Consultant. We come on-board to work towards the best interests of your business by providing one-to-one services via online coaching, strategy and planning, micro project development, design projects, and more. We are 100% committed to helping you succeed as your own internal marketing support team.

You become a part of our client family, we work towards your goals and your success is fuelled by us at a cost-effective, high-value price. 

We even have the ability to take remote control access of your computer so you do not need to share your personal login details with us. Or give us a project brief and we will use your subscription hours to get to work!

Utilising our subscription packages gives you a discount on casual consults that are usually charged at $220 per hour for Peggy & $190 per hour for Emily.

What You Get: Experts On Speed Dial

  • 4, 8, 10, 15, 25 or 35-hours of guaranteed hands-on support or consulting meetings.
  • Access to the full team at Marketing Your Brand, this includes: 
    • Peggy, Director, Brand & Website Designer
    • Emily, Brand & Content Coordinator
    • Gemma, Junior Copywriter
    • Carlo, Graphics & Project Assistant
    • Celanie, Project Coordinator
    • Tamara & Adrian, Graphics Team
    • James, Senior Website & SASS CMS Developers
    • Ryan, Junior Website & SASS CMS Developers
  • One-on-one time with Peggy or Emily for virtual marketing consulting conducted over Zoom or Google Meets.
  • You get to access an entire team as required by what you need. For example, if in our meeting your goal is to create a new custom webpage for your site, and you need coding time - we can do that! If you need a new brochure or promotional banner - we can do that! The possibilities with our team are endless.
  • In your consultation subscription you can choose whether you want access to Peggy or Emily, we then set you up on our internal client portal so you can see and monitor exactly where your hours are being spent in real-time. 
  • You have an option of professional marketing strategy & website advice from Peggy, an experienced brand marketer of over 17+ years. Or professional marketing strategy and content advice from Emily, with over 5+ years experience in working with small businesses.
  • Gaining hourly access (when needed) to our internal professional team of brand strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, coders and developers is a game-changer for small businesses. Meet all the team here.
  • The ability to schedule services for marketing strategy & advice, hands-on website design & strategy, graphic design or copywriting is based on the requirements of your meetings and will be planned and discussed in advance of your hours being scheduled.
  • Blocks of customised time can be utilised in either 1 or 5 hours at a time, which means there is no need to conduct costly quoted packages or large scaled agencies when you have an expert on speed dial.

How It Works:

  • Our one-to-one Consultations with Peggy or Emily, are conducted via Zoom.
  • Choose your package based on the hours you need.
  • Once your hours are purchased, in 24 hours, we will send you a private custom booking link via email. this is your link to book face-to-face whenever you need.
  • Schedule in your purchased hours at any time, they do not expire. 
  • You will also be given access to a private Google Drive Folder and set up on our client portal to monitor your hours (if you book over 10 or more). We always store any project information and records of your used hours so you know exactly what is happening at al times.
  • Schedule your virtual help hours at a time that suits you & let's get started!

Simply add your subscription/ hours to cart, wait 24 hours for your welcome email (with private booking link) and book in our first face-to-face meeting, from there you are ready for hands-on brand and digital marketing assistance. 


To enquire about this subscription, please contact as we need to set you up with a profile and give you access to our Client Portal.

Please view our Terms Of Service & Agreement here

Meet Peggy

An avid marketer and Director of Marketing Your Brand, Peggy is lovingly known by clients as Mrs Fix It! Peggy helps small businesses turn into successful BRANDS that customers LOVE!

Peggy has a marketing career that spans over a decade. She has in-depth knowledge of industry insights and has been responsible for the marketing strategies that have generated over $10.8 million $AUD worth of sales. 

Peggy's professional experience includes marketing brands & professional services to consumer and business2business industries. Having used budgets ranging from $0 per month – $80,000 per month, no project is too small or too big.

Peggy works honestly, with strong attention to detail and takes great pride in leading each client with professional integrity and proven marketing methods.

Get to know Mrs. Fix It a little better by clicking here.