Finding Balance For Your Mind, Body & Soul

The Client: Luxurious Organic Essential Oils Handcrafted on The Gold Coast.

With a holistic and natural focus, this client offers a unique range of essential oil blends that are of the purest quality.

Founded in 2021 by a Registered Nurse and Integrative Health Coach, this client intends to connect the body, mind, and spirit of her clientele and customers through the use of essential oil blends.

The essential oils are created by small-batch and hand-crafted in Burleigh Heads in Australia. The client prides themselves on their values which are deeply rooted in using sustainable, clean, and cruelty-free ingredients in their products.


The client's brief was a simple, yet visually immersive website that reflects the wellness orientation of her customers. The client also stocked products in retailers across Queensland and has a following of holistic health enthusiasts, and the client wanted to inspire and educate her visitors on the many uses and applications of her high-quality essential oils. With big plans for expansion into online consulting the client needed a website platform that could grow with her, and help her become a holistic leader in the market.


To begin, we focused on the content and energy of the products, we then tailored our approach to the client’s goals and values. By focusing on creating a seamless customer experience while also conveying the unique, high quality, and holistic aspects of their products, we provided the client with a ‘Starter Package’ , a basic website build. SEO optimisation was not requested by this client.

The choice of imagery displayed across the site was carefully chosen to portray the sense of calm, joy, mindfulness and energy that their products bring to their customers.


  • Starter Shopify Website Package,
  • Brand Strategy,
  • Promotional copywriting (including blog editing),
  • Custom product set up,
  • Content creation,
  • Image sourcing.

SEO DISCLAIMER: You may notice we refer frequently to ‘our client’ rather than the business name. This is so that we don’t impact upon the SEO of our clients (we always do our best to protect and ensure they rank well in search engines). What can we say, we love our clients! To find out who they are, simply watch the video above.