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Getting found on Google doesn’t have to be difficult. Climb to the top of the page 1 rankings & show up for your target market with our on-page Organic SEO services. We are not like other SEO agencies – find out why, below.

Are You Looking
For Long-lasting
SEO Results?

Right now there are people searching for what you have to offer. Is your business showing up in those search results? At Marketing Your Brand, our team are experts at developing highly effective organic on-page SEO strategies that will boost your business in search engine results and connect you with the right audiences. Whether you are service-based or an e-commerce brand, our SEO services can help you. Through quality written content, webpage content optimisation, website code clean up, careful keyword selection, and more, we take a long-term, manual approach to on-page SEO that provides long-lasting SEO results.

Solutions Tailored
To Your Website

No two businesses or websites are the same, so why should there only be one SEO plan? We create bespoke organic SEO strategies that are tailored to your unique business needs.

Our website development team and content coordinators use manual SEO practices and ‘white hat strategies’ that comply with Google industry standards, and we implement various on-page SEO strategies manually, by hand. The benefits of manual SEO are endless: it is cost-effective, you can have 100% control over it, and it generates long-term results.

Avoid the low-quality work, undesirable shortcuts, and short-term results from automated SEO practices, and work with experts in manually implemented SEO who take a holistic approach and truly care about creating long-lasting results for your business.

Are You Looking For
Long-lasting SEO Results?

We provide hands-on support, from planning to execution to reporting throughout our services.


Website Strategies

Content Strategies

Technical Strategies

Our SEO Services

Each package is tailored to your business’s SEO needs.

Website Wide SEO Package

Optimise your entire website over a minimum of 4 months with our website wide SEO package. Once implemented site-wide, we start to see user behaviour and SEO rankings impacted within days, not months. After your 4-month term, you can cancel with one month’s prior notice.

Single Webpage Only

We can also do a micro version of the phases listed above on a page by page basis. The critical difference being we will provide a mini audit of your website and base our mini keywords, key phrases and strategies on what we feel is the best approach for the page you want us to work on only. We will then look for the ranking movement of your requested page during our final report.

Google My Business Optimisation

Optimise your Google My Business listing so you can be found online. All copywriting for graphics and captions are created by our professional team of marketers, graphic designers and copywriters.

Our SEO Technique

Get Your Seo Optimised In 4 Simple Steps

Once everything is in place, we don’t abandon you. Instead, we keep an eye on your website to make sure that everything is going to plan. Along the way, we make any required adjustments to ensure you’re seeing maximum results from your SEO strategy.



In the analysis stage, we deep dive into your website and SEO performance from the past 12+ months.


Keyword Research

SEO is all about keywords. In stage two, we identify all of the keywords you should be ranking for to attract the right type of clients and customers for your business. We identify a list of most suited primary keywords & keyphrases by looking at:


Keyword And Meta
Description Plan

Next, we put all of the right keywords & keyphrases in all of the right places (the places that Google will be looking for them) such as:


And Submission

Now with a solid strategy ready to go, it’s time for implementation across your website! You can either:

Is Your Website
Reaching Its Potential?

We are here to help you achieve your website goals. Our experienced team of website developers and content coordinators will work with you to create an SEO plan that delivers results long into the future. We optimise various elements of websites including product pages, blogs, social media content, HTML code and more.

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