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Meet the heart and soul behind Marketing Your Brand. We’re a group of passionate creatives and strategists, from the vibrant shores of Australia to the sunny West Coast of the USA, we’re committed to bringing your business dreams to life. Our team thrives on crafting unique, engaging brands and websites that truly connect with people. We’re all about human-centred designs, stories that resonate, and strategies that make your brand shine.

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Purple Triangle

Peter - Head of Strategy

"Business Success Maestro"

As the Head of Strategy, Peter excels at elevating your business into a dynamic, impactful brand, strategically geared for growth and creating an enduring, standout market identity. With a vibrant past in the radio industry, including as a Breakfast Radio Host on the Gold Coast, Peter brings a dash of showbiz and a whole lot of savvy to the team. With over 20 years experience, his portfolio boasts big names like Woolworths Team Bank and Porsche, showcasing his skill in handling high-calibre clients with ease. But what truly sets Peter apart is his unique blend of approachability, creativity, and a client-centric focus. He’s not just about figures and strategies; he’s about people. Understanding your stories, your goals, and crafting tailored digital pathways that lead to your success. Peter’s infectious enthusiasm and his knack for demystifying the digital world make him the go-to guy for businesses looking to make a genuine impact. With him as your success manager, expect a journey filled with creative insights, friendly chats, and real results.

Peggy - Founder & Director

"Mrs Fix It, Marketing & Brand Expert!"

Peggy is a strategic marketing and website expert who oversees all of our projects as your Brand, Design & Website Manager. With 17+ years of industry experience in marketing projects and front end UX website design for eCommerce, retailers and service providers, Peggy offers her expertise with a track record in generating upwards of $10+ million in sales revenue for small to large businesses—thanks to her strategic digital marketing and consumer psychology mindset. Without a doubt, strategic design and marketable websites are her area of absolute expertise. Peggy is enthusiastic about your business success and driven to see your brand succeed from the get-go. She works closely with clients throughout the project journey and is the catalyst you need to turn your business into a prized brand performer. During her project downtime, Peggy shares her marketing insights by mentoring our community through the Website and Brand Building Workshops and one-on-one consulting hours (but with a booked out client calendar and limited availability, take advantage while you get the chance!).

Stacey - Brand & Content Strategist

"Lover of Words" ​

Meet our Brand & Content Strategist and Senior Copywriter, Stacey! With over 8 years experience creating memorable copy and content strategies across all digital and traditional channels, Stacey oversees all our content projects from marketing strategy, copywriting, development and delivery. Stacey’s exceptional research, writing and digital production skills see her confidently executing your digital communication projects with unprecedented vision and accuracy. With a background in journalism and a keen eye for detail, Stacey has the ability to tailor her style depending on the communication channel, audience, content type and desired outcome. Stacey is an expert in crafting conversion copy for websites, brochures, social media, email campaigns, read magnets, blogs, editorials & more! As an on-page SEO expert, content and brand strategist, Stacey will add invaluable industry insight to your content project. If you’re ready to create masterful content, engage your audience like never before and achieve your marketing goals, having Stacey on your project or booked in for a one-to-one consultation is a wise business decision.

Kaisha - Senior Account Manager & Designer

"Project Pocket Rocket”

Kaisha, is a dynamic Senior Account Manager with a focus on Design, Marketing, and Project Management. She brings a blend of strategic thinking and creativity to the table. With 11 years of experience under her belt, she has quietly shaped compelling marketing strategies for recognised brands like Netflix, Barbie, Warner Brothers, Little Tikes, among others. As the team lead, Kaisha takes charge of projects from conceptual strategic planning to final delivery, showcasing her skills in design, project management, and creative copywriting. With a background in Visual Communications and a fine eye for detail, Kaisha meticulously adapts her strategies based on your project needs, communication platforms, and target demographics. She has a knack for sculpting engaging marketing content, spanning across various platforms like websites, social media, email campaigns, and more. As an expert in design, product development and marketing strategy, Kaisha’s involvement promises to infuse your projects with invaluable industry insights.

Hannah - Senior Account Manager

“The Strategic Pathfinder”

Say hello to Hannah, our Senior Account Manager and Business Strategist extraordinaire! Hannah’s world revolves around crafting strategies that not only meet, but surpass your expectations. With her marketing savvy and a kaleidoscope of experiences, she’s like a Swiss Army knife in the realm of business strategy. Imagine someone who’s navigated the high-energy corridors of New York’s corporate world, conjured up loyalty programs that turn heads, and designed marketing plans that speak directly to the heart of the matter. That’s Hannah for you! Her knack for understanding diverse industries makes her an invaluable asset to clients who seek a blend of innovation, strategy, and practicality. Personable, passionate, and always ready for a challenge, Hannah is the go-to for a fresh perspective or a clever twist on a traditional idea. Welcome to a world where strategy meets creativity, with Hannah leading the way!

Ash - Account Manager

“Web Design Fanatic”

Ash, our Account Manager, is THE master of website design, specialising in creating user-centric websites that look stunning and function seamlessly. His expertise in WordPress and Elementor has been honed over the years, ensuring websites attract engaged visitors and turn clicks into conversions. Ash believes in creating sites people love, focusing on making each interaction with your brand memorable and impactful. His expertise is built on a foundation of many years in sales, marketing, product design, and photography. This hands-on experience has given him a holistic view of digital marketing and a strategic edge in understanding what drives consumer engagement online. Ash has a track record of successful collaborations with national brands like Jim’s Mowing and Indigenous Business Australia, and he’s also a champion for local businesses on the Gold Coast, having worked with Coastal Dental Care, First Aid Accident & Emergency and Tint-a-Home. Whether you want to overhaul your website or refine your digital strategy, Ash is dedicated to your business’s growth. He combines forward-thinking UX/UI design with strategic marketing to ensure your brand gains visibility and resonates with your audience. With Ash on your team, you will establish a memorable online presence that people will remember!

Jess - Account & Project Manager

“Brand Builder & Project Trailblazer"

Jess, a proficient marketing and project management specialist, is your dedicated Account & Project Manager. With 8+ years of experience, she has worked with renowned brands such as HiSmile, Billini Shoes, The Coffee Club, and Donut King, excelling in project management, brand development, and campaign execution. Her expertise encompasses devising comprehensive marketing strategies, driving impactful campaigns, and delivering end-to-end project management. Jess skillfully sets timelines and budgets, coordinates with cross-functional teams, and ensures seamless execution of strategic initiatives, transforming your brand, website, or marketing projects into powerful assets. As a highly organised and strategic project manager, Jess fosters growth and success by adhering to the right plans and strategic direction. With experience in marketing agencies and in-house positions for eCommerce and service-based clients, she empathises with diverse business needs. A self-proclaimed type A personality and coffee aficionado, Jess is passionate about client success, committed to excellence, and is an invaluable asset to your brand’s journey, making her the perfect partner for your marketing projects.

Nadia - Studio Assistant

"Business Enabler"

Nadia is our highly organised project enabler and office ‘go to’ person. As our Studio Assistant, she is responsible for ensuring the right project plans and schedules are adhered to. She loves ensuring that your project, design and marketing plans come to life, whether that be in the form of coordinating website builds, delivering digital creations of impactful content or new brand design. Nadia will be with you every step of the way and make sure it all goes smoothly. She enjoys providing you with updates on your project and scheduling project workload from creation, through to implementation (of course, being a perfectionist with the finer details). Nadia is highly organised, reliable and uses her initiative to ensure our client’s business is supported to succeed. Overseeing many of our Teamwork projects and marketing campaigns has given her an in-depth understanding and empathy for both large-scale and small business strategies – making her a great partner to our clients and a friendly business enthusiast.

James - HTML & SASS Specialist

"Information Architect"

Based in the USA office, known to clients as our in-house Information Architect, he is a website and software developer that is truly one-of-a-kind. Having worked in technology since before the rise of Google, he has really seen it all when it comes to technological advancements. He works across all website software platforms from WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Wix, Squarespace and more – you name it he’s mastered it. Our Information Architect is renowned for navigating and developing cutting-edge & corporate websites with passion. He is experienced in all IT aspects, from creating simple website designs all the way up to complex backend dashboards. From building software to manipulating html code, our Information Architect is Peggy’s right hand man!

Carlo - Graphics & Project Assistant

"Design & Project Understudy"

Carlo is our digital design sidekick who loves getting creative with graphics that make an impact. You’ll find him working behind the scenes on our internal and client projects from Monday to Friday. He’s a natural at meeting our client’s briefs by creating striking designs on Adobe XD, Photoshop and Canva software. Carlo is our all-around project & graphics helper! He works alongside our graphics and website team. And with the patience of a saint, he fiddles with time-consuming video, illustrations and image editing for our website and content projects. He also doubles as our junior digital assistant. Clients will often see him working on the back end of their Shopify or WordPress website with our development team. He also has a hidden passion for assisting in HTML projects. Clients will often hear Peggy harp on about how much she loves Carlo’s can-do attitude.

Rhiana - Copywriter

"Copy Queen"

Rhiana is our resident ‘copy queen’ – she writes SEO optimised blog posts, website pages, emails, product descriptions and more. As an over-thinker and a perfectionist, Rhiana loves the satisfaction that comes with getting a string of words just right. Rhiana’s creative work has been featured in Frankie Magazine and Filmink Magazine, and she also has 6 years of professional experience as an SEO copywriter. Rhiana has a Bachelor of Creative & Professional Writing from QUT in Brisbane, and is currently undergoing a Bachelor of Music at Monash University in Melbourne. In her spare time, Rhiana can be found listening to podcasts, drinking tea, singing and playing guitar, watching terrible horror movies or doing hot yoga. Sometimes all at once.


"Brand Dreamweaver"

Meet Emily, Brand Strategist and Content Expert! With 6 years of industry experience in crafting brands, websites, and content, Emily is our Brand Sorceress, waving her magic content wand across copywriting, website design, graphic design, social media marketing, brand strategy, and strategic messaging. Emily’s passion for branding was first ignited by luxury giants like Chanel and Guerlain, but she got her practical start working with small family businesses (it’s all about balance). Emily knows how to ignite consumer conversations and helps our clients appeal to their deeper needs. Using marketing strategy, design know-how, and sales psychology, she knows what it takes to create marketable websites that convert visitors into buyers who keep coming back. Your brand and content direction has never been in safer hands, Emily is committed to using strategic action that helps your brand grow. If you’re in need of brand content strategy and planning, you can also take advantage of a one-on-one consultation with Emily.

Emily is currently on maternity leave, we look forward to welcoming her back in 2024.

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