eCommerce: Gifts For Girls


An online retailer who’s brand preceded their reputation, sparking the imagination of parents and children across the world!

This Brisbane-based online eCommerce store sought to capture the hearts and imagination of princesses worldwide. The brand was strategically designed to instill a sense of whimsy and magic, selling the concept of imagination and heirloom keepsake pieces.


A deluxe brand development package included a new Shopify website development, social media management & content creation with promotional materials to target Australia, United Kingdom and The United states. Consumer psychology was a key factor in shaping this online retailers values & brand positioning. Major successes can be attributed to strategic brand campaigns across Influencer and Email Marketing. In 2019, a cult status reputation was developed amongst mothers aged 25-45 in Australia, The USA, and beyond.


Create an immersive and emotionally connected online culture around the Wish Emporium brand to ensure that commercial products appeal to the luxury goods market and stay in-demand worldwide.

*2021 saw high demand meet the affects of COVID on their international supply chain. Fortunately their customer database serves as a waitlist to over 3000+ customers seeking announcements for new stock release dates.


  • Shopify Professional Website & Design Package,
  • Premium Social Media Management,
  • Creative Copywriting,
  • Influencer Campaign Management,
  • Product Descriptions
  • Basic Facebook Ads Management.


The client experienced sold out success of each carousel release online. Eventhough they were competing with much lower price points and harsh competition, each release was met with in-demand sales and waitlists for more orders. A developed fan-base of die-hard customers generated 47% in referral sales cross their own social media tribe.



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