Affordable Designer Jewellery & Accessories


Fashion-forward and unique, this client provides an extraordinary array of fashion and designer focused jewellery all at an affordable price.

This family owned & operated business of 15 years has two retail store locations on the Gold Coast and is renowned as an affordable luxury international label.

Created using only the highest quality, hand-selected materials from around the globe, this client is the ultimate destination for on-trend international fashion and jewellery. Their colourful and artistic designs, fine workmanship and affordability makes them a forward-thinking leader in their industry.


To build and deliver an easy to navigate new website from start to finish that embodies the clients brand and values. The client wanted to inspire awareness and recognition as the most extraordinary affordable worldwide jewelry and accessories online retailer.

The client emphasised that they wanted the website to be user-friendly and easily accessible by everyone. The client also needed image sourcing for hero images that conveyed the brand’s theme of affordable luxury designer items.


To begin, we created an extensive and thorough brand strategy tailored to the client’s goals and values. We worked closely with our client to design and develop a fully customised Shopify website that reflects their ‘luxe without the price tag’ appeal.

By focusing on creating a seamless customer experience while also conveying the fine quality, craftsmanship, and affordability of their products, we built this project from the ground up with brand strategy, website design, coding development, custom plugin development, SEO strategy, and copywriting services.

The functionality of the store was based around fine-tuning a large collection of 200+ products to make it easier for customers to browse and add to cart.


  • Custom Shopify Website Package,
  • Brand Strategy,
  • Copywriting,
  • Custom product planning set up,
  • Image sourcing.

SEO DISCLAIMER: You may notice we refer frequently to ‘our client’ rather than the business name. This is so that we don’t impact upon the SEO of our clients (we always do our best to protect and ensure they rank well in search engines). What can we say, we love our clients! To find out who they are, simply watch the video above.