What Is Brand Consistency?

🌟 Consistent branding is the key to raising awareness, developing trust, and growing your business.

But 'consistency' isn't just about having on-brand Instagram posts & a website that uses your brand colours. Consistency needs to be across every brand touchpoint!

This includes:

🖥 DIGITAL CONTENT like blogs, landing pages, white pages, e-books, videos, imagery, audio, emails etc.
📝 IN-HOUSE CONTENT such as brochures, apparel, newsletters, etc.

🛍 RETAIL CONTENT including signage, video, receipts etc.

📰 PRINTED CONTENT like newspaper ads, mail outs, brochures, etc.

📲 SOCIAL MEDIA content like infographics, polls and surveys, live videos, reels, feeds etc.
💻 WEBSITE CONTENT including landing pages, videos, blog posts, etc.

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