How To Kickstart Your Instagram Growth

Got the Instagram blues? Posting your heart out but stuck with a stagnant follower count? Don't worry - this is the EASIEST way to kickstart your Instagram growth.

💌 Ensure your content is highly relevant to your target market. What do they want, need, desire? Are you reflecting this in your content?
💌 Post consistently. Three times a week at least!
💌 Engage and be social! Go to competitor accounts, likeminded accounts, and hashtags your target market follows and engage (like posts, leave comments) with their followers. Just 30 minutes a day can make a BIG difference to your growth.

Don't forget, Instagram is a SOCIAL network. Just because you are using it for business, doesn't mean you are exempt from also having to be social!⠀

Not only will you bring in more followers, but the algorithm gives strong preference to accounts that are being social, commenting and engaging regularly, so the more you do it the more reach your posts will get in hashtags too.

📷 Go on and try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results! Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.



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