The Marketing Spotlight

Navigating the Complexity of Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare marketing is a tactical outreach and strategic communications campaign to attract healthcare consumers, guide them throughout their healthcare journey, and keep them engaged with the health system. However, marketing for medical industries can be quite challenging due to the...
Create A Brand Your Customers Will Fall In Love With
In this podcast segment, Peggy delves into the art of creating a beloved brand that goes beyond just a logo. She explores the intricacies of crafting on-brand content, navigating profitable sales seasons while maintaining your sanity, her personal organizational tips, and the significance of captivating your community through storytelling.
Marketing & The Privacy Act: What Every Healthcare Provider Needs to Know
Like any other business, healthcare providers need to market their services to improve brand awareness, attract more clients, and gain trust and credibility in the public eye. But healthcare marketing is different from your typical business advertisement as professionals in...
On-Page vs Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a confusing and sometimes controversial topic for many new business owners. Here we break down the differences between on-page vs off-page SEO so you can conduct your own SEO.
How Longer Instagram Captions Can Help You Reach More Followers
Leverage the power of words on Instagram with longer captions. The trend towards substantive, mini-blog posts is expected to intensify in 2023, resulting in increased engagement. Capture your audience's attention and maximize your presence with impactful longer captions.
To AI or not to AI? That is the question.
The future of AI-generated content, ever since Chat GPT was launched, is hot topic! Deciding whether to implement AI can be a tricky question for businesses. It requires careful consideration of potential benefits, risks, and the unknown. Come down the rabbit hole with us.
Say Goodbye to External Link-in-Bio Providers on Instagram
  Do you remember the first time you realised that Instagram doesn’t allow you to post links in captions? We do - and let’s just say there was some swearing in our office that day. All we wanted to do...
How to Optimise Your Website for Conversions
Optimising your website for conversions is crucial for boosting online sales and leads. Understand your audience, simplify the conversion process, and constantly test and optimise for best results.
The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes in 2023
Social media image size requirements can change overnight so you should check in to  ensure you are sizing them to perfection. Here we highlight the latest social media sizes for various platforms to boost your brand's reputation!
New Instagram Features Marketers Should Be Using in 2022

With new Instagram features being released all the time it can be tricky knowing which ones are worth your while. We have picked out 7 new innovative Instagram features that we believe will be beneficial to your marketing strategy.

How To Personalise Your Brand
If you are looking to create an authentic experience for your customers, personalised marketing is worth investing in! Here are our top tips and strategies for humanising your brand in 2023 and beyond.
What’s The Difference Between Good & Bad SEO?

Did you know that there is good and bad SEO? When done correctly using white hat strategies, SEO offers many benefits to your user experience. But if done through black hat strategies, it often does more harm than good.

Top eCommerce Trend Predictions for 2022
Are you looking to keep up with your consumer’s desires and demands in 2022? If you are looking to transform your user’s online experience, here are our top e-commerce predictions for you to consider.
How To Choose The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool?
Social media scheduling tools are a must-have for creating a seamless social strategy. With countless tools available, the hard part is choosing the best tool for your content needs. Here are our top 5 social media scheduling tool picks!
How to Improve Your Customer Service In 5 Simple Steps
Superior customer service is integral to every business. Not only does it advance the productivity and profitability of your business, it improves the happiness of your customers. Use these 5 simple steps to deliver 5-star customer service with every interaction.
5 Benefits of Working with a 100% Remote Agency
Remote working is shown to have a profound impact on workplace productivity and performance. Here we outline the top 5 benefits of working with a 100% remote agency, like Marketing Your Brand will bring to your business.
How to Benefit From Instagram's Search Engine
Are you finding you're not getting the views or engagement you hoped for on Instagram? Instagram’s algorithm is always changing which can make things difficult. View our detailed guide on how to show your content to the best possible users!
The Hidden Meaning of Fonts
It's not just the words themselves that matter. How your words appear visually — the specific typefaces and fonts you use on your website and in your logo design — matters too. 
Demystifying the Google Updates & Algorithm: A Historical View
Do you want to know what the most important Google Algorithm updates of all time are? Here we take an in-depth look at how Google’s Algorithm works and outline the most important updates of all time.
Alternative Sale Options To Use When You're Tired Of Discounting Your Products!
If you're tired of resorting to using 'percent-off' sale tactics and discounts (i.e., 50% Off, 70% Off Sale, etc.), you're not the only one. These tactics are outdated and often overused in the marketing world, conditioning customers to wait for...
Customers Are Bonding To Brands
If you want to succeed as an eCommerce business you must have more than a good product - you need a strong brand! Here’s everything you need to know about building a powerful brand in a competitive market.