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Take a moment and think about some of the brands you purchase. Chances are you can easily recognise your favourite brands instantly based on the logos, colours, fonts, and thoughts you have surrounding your purchases with those brands. It is crucial to understand that the brand is the face of your company. Think of it as your spokesperson or representative. Consistent branding is the key to raising awareness, developing trust, and growing your business.

The fastest and most sustainable way to build your brand is by providing consumers with curated and consistent content across all channels. We’ve thrown together, a quick guide on the importance of consistent content and how your brand can achieve this crucial milestone.


How Can Consistent Branding Benefit Your Business?


Long-term success hinges on your company’s ability to provide a consistent experience regardless of which channel customers are using. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of having a consistent brand.


> Increases Brand Recognition

Chances are, you have been able to see a logo from a distance or hear an advertisement and know precisely which company the ad is for without even hearing the name. This is brand recognition, and it is what businesses strive to achieve. Those who successfully achieve brand recognition, use the same imagery, colour palette, messaging, and tone of voice for every piece of content that is released or published. Consistency gives consumers a feeling of familiarity, which is comforting and breeds trust.


> Builds Brand Awareness

The fact of the matter is that consumers are more likely to purchase products and services from brands they recognise and have developed a relationship with. This makes building brand awareness that much more important. Inconsistent and infrequent content will be ineffective at raising awareness of your company. The key to building brand awareness is to provide consistent content on a regular schedule.


> Creates Trust

Did you know that consumers are 71% more likely to buy products and services from companies they trust? A lack of options is the only reason to choose a company you do not know or trust. This is not something your brand should bank on. Instead, delivering accurate, valuable, and consistent content will instil confidence and loyalty in your customers and clients.


> Keeps You at the Forefront of Your Customers’ Minds

Repetition is a powerful thing! Think about how you prepared for a big test in school or nailed a presentation. You used repetition to become comfortable with the material. The more often consumers see your brand’s name, logo, colours, and mission statement, the more likely they are to remember your company. Keep your brand in front of your consumers by delivering curated and consistent content they will regularly see.


> Increases Revenue

According to a study, the average revenue that can be attributed to brand consistency is 23%. Creating an enjoyable, smooth, and reliable experience will attract new customers and keep your current customers coming back time and time again.


What Type of Content Matters?  


The short answer is… everything. Every type of content you provide to your target audience matters. This includes:

  • Digital content – Including blogs, landing pages, white pages, e-books, videos, imagery, audio, emails etc.
  • In-house content – brochures, apparel, newsletters, etc.
  • Retail content – Includes signage, video, receipts etc.
  • Printed content – Includes newspaper ads, mail outs, brochures, etc.
  • Social media content – Includes infographics, polls and surveys, live videos, reels, feeds etc.
  • Website content – Includes landing pages, videos, blog posts, etc.


Every piece of content created and published should be done so with purpose and remain consistent across all online and offline channels. 


How Can You Achieve Consistent Branding?


Businesses like yours can achieve consistent branding by forming well-thought-out content pillars on relatable topics that your audience finds valuable. A content pillar is a particular piece of content on a specific topic that can be broken down into many smaller pieces of content.

Typically, no two buyers consume information in the same way. So, to target your customer more effectively these smaller pieces of content can then be distributed in different ways such as blog posts, infographics, videos, emails, etc. which allows your brand to attract buyers through different channels.

Your brand should always use consistent logos, colours, messaging, imagery, video, voice and tone, and audio across all digital platforms and printed materials. Content needs to be delivered as frequently as possible and on a regular schedule. Regular content ensures consumers know what to expect and when. In order to ensure your marketing team stays on track, it is beneficial to utilise branding guidelines. To keep your visuals consistent, download and utilise our FREE Branding Board Template here.


How Can Inconsistent Content Be Detrimental to your Brand?


Failure to provide consistent content to your consumers defeats the whole purpose of branding and can be the difference in success and failure of your business. What happens when your brand is inconsistent?


Laptop, planner and water on linen bed. Marketing agency. Web design. Marketing Your Brand, Australia.

> Translates into Low Quality


Many consumers assume that if a business is not presented consistently across channels, then they must produce a low-quality product. For example, this includes differing logos and colours on your company’s website versus social media pages. Inconsistent content breeds doubt and does not inspire consumers.


> Loss of Trust

The customer journey should be as easy as possible. Any discrepancies such as varying slogans and imagery can leave customers feeling confused and questioning the authenticity of your brand. This creates mental barriers for buyers and causes a loss of trust, ultimately resulting in the buyer seeking the same product from a competitor.


> Easily Forgotten

A consistent brand is easy to remember and sticks in the mind of your consumers. Brands that are inconsistent with mixed or confusing messaging are easily forgettable. Forgettable brands are looked over when it comes time to make a purchase.


> Decreased Revenue

Ultimately brands that consumers are not aware of, do not trust, or cannot remember are not companies that buyers purchase from. Inconsistent content leads to a loss of new and repeat customers which causes a decrease in revenue.


Marketing Content Should Build Your Brand In One of Four Ways


  1. Building a community – This is a space where fans of your product and/or services can talk about their mutual love for your product, services, and the surrounding culture. Creating communities allows brands to lower the cost of producing and delivering content and increases social media engagement. Building a community is also a great way to gain feedback on current products and get an idea of what consumers would like to see in the future.
  2. Promoting sales – Brands can use content to promote sales in either a direct or subtle way. For instance, maybe you have an influencer write a review about your product or you can also produce content centred around a pain point that your consumers experience. At the end of the piece, you can include a call to action explaining why your product will solve this pain point.
  3. Educating your audience – You should create content that delivers true value to your consumers in a way that allows them to learn, grow, and become inspired. This helps to establish your brand as an authority in your respective industry which increases trust.
  4. Inspire relationships – Consistent content will help inspire relationships between your brand and your audience base. This in turn, translates into loyalty.


Fast Track Brand Consistency With Social Media Templates

Consumers want to do business with brands that are dependable and consistent. The key to a successful marketing strategy is making sure your messaging is consistent, frequent, and memorable.

Utilising social media is an easy, cost-effective way for businesses to build their brands. Our Ultimate Social Media Templates are now available on Creative Market. Using them will allow you to build your online presence into a trusted, recognisable brand. Not only do our templates prompt you with marketing strategies, but they also cover the four main content pillars every business should use to build a consistent brand.


Use these templates as the foundations to easily inspire and educate your audience. You can also easily build a community around your brand and publish promotional sales posts. Get a jump start on building your brand today with our easy to use Canva templates!

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