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Shield Right

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Shield Right, a Melbourne-based distributor, specialises in high-quality and affordable personal protective equipment (PPE). Their diverse range caters to various industries, ensuring workplace safety with products like gloves, body protection, and industrial coveralls. Committed to safeguarding workers, Shield Right is recognised for their effective and reliable safety solutions.

Logo Design

Graphic Design - Packaging

Our project with Shieldright involved designing packaging for their range of PPE products. This task was focused on creating visually appealing and functional packaging that not only protected the products but also conveyed the brand’s commitment to quality and safety. The design process included understanding the product dimensions, the materials suitable for both protection and sustainability, and incorporating Shieldright’s brand identity into the packaging design. This ensured that the packaging was not just practical but also aligned with Shieldright’s market presence as a reliable provider of personal protective equipment.

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design – Packaging
  • Website Design & Optimisation

Website Design & Optimisation