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First2Care is an Independent NDIS Plan Manager, renowned for its commitment to participant care. Based in Brisbane and Melbourne, they operate nationwide, standing out as industry leaders who centralise participant choice and decision-making. Renowned for being one of the fastest paying NDIS plan managers, First2Care offers a stress-free approach to managing NDIS plans. 

Brand Identity

Website Design & Development

The homepage redesign & optimisation journey involved an in-depth analysis of the existing homepage, identifying areas where the brand messaging could be more emotive and uplifting. We meticulously developed new icons and visual elements that resonate with the audience, ensuring each symbol and step on the website is intuitive and inviting.

Our team concentrated on simplifying the user journey, making it straightforward for participants and carers to navigate and engage with the site. We introduced clear, easy-to-understand steps and processes, reducing complexity and enhancing user satisfaction.

The outcome of this project was a homepage that not only elevates the brand aesthetically but also enriches the user experience. This transformation extends beyond mere visual appeal, it’s about creating an online environment that’s supportive, approachable, and reflective of the client’s dedication to their community. 

The new design effectively communicates the client’s commitment to helping individuals navigate the NDIS landscape with ease and confidence, embodying the essence of their compassionate and empowering service.

  • Homepage Optimisation & Redesign
  • Graphic Design
  • Audience & Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Pay-as-you-go Marketing