4 Things to Consider for Your New Website, According to a Website Design and Development Agency


Did you know that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if its content or layout isn’t attractive? We have designed and developed countless websites for brands from all industries, and through this, we have pinpointed 4 fundamental elements of a thriving website that gets results. If you are building a new website, or thinking about refreshing your current one, make sure to bear these in mind. Need a hand creating the website you’ve been dreaming about? We would love to help, and offer flexible and affordable website packages to suit all budgets and needs. 

First of All… Here’s Why a Great Website Is So Important

A great website is vital for the success of your brand. It will turn visitors into customers, showcase your brand, and draw in new customers. Your website serves as your digital storefront. What would brands like Apple or Nike be without their website? Not as popular as they are today, that’s for sure!

A Great Website Converts Browsers Into Buyers

Turning visitors into customers is at the core of a successful website. A great design compels users to stay longer and convinces them to take action. A professional website design agency like Marketing Your Brand can make this happen by creating a user-friendly, conversion-optimised experience that encourages engagement and action. When we build websites, we focus on clear messaging, brand consistency, and conversion-oriented design, ensuring every visitor understands what you offer from the moment they land on your page. We also stress mobile responsiveness, as a significant portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Ensuring your website adapts seamlessly across all platforms increases the likelihood of conversion. With top website design agencies crafting these experiences, businesses see a marked improvement in their conversion rates.

It Showcases Your Brand

Your website is often the first interaction a potential customer has with your brand, so make sure that it showcases who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Your website is where first impressions are made. Getting it right means aligning every element with your core values and vision. 

When we design websites, we make sure that every single element – from the colours to the fonts – resonates with the identity of the brand and its target audience. This coherence builds trust and credibility among website visitors. We also focus on creating a user-friendly website design that is easy and pleasant to navigate, because we understand this is essential for converting browsers into buyers, and for giving them a hassle-free and intuitive online experience. A well-designed site tells customers that you value their experience, leading them to engage more deeply with your content and services.

It Attracts New Customers

We understand that attracting new customers is pivotal for the growth. A well-crafted website  serves as a customer acquisition tool, drawing them into what your brand has to offer. This is why it’s really important to work with a top website design agency, who can help to map out the digital journey your customers will take on your website, making sure every click seamlessly guides visitors closer to becoming loyal customers. When we create websites, we focus on creating engaging online experiences, and use strategic SEO optimisation along with compelling web design, so that the website ranks high on search engines and resonates with the target audience. Engagement increases significantly when users encounter intuitive navigation and content that speaks directly to their needs. Your business simply can’t stand out in the crowded digital landscape without a great website.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Websites We Love from Leading Brands

Looking at successful brands can give us a wealth of insight into what makes a great website. Here are a few shining examples that stand out in the digital landscape, and what we can learn from them.


Apple’s website is a masterclass in clean design and fantastic UX (user experience). Every element serves a purpose, creating an intuitive navigation process for users. Their product images are high-quality and engaging, pulling visitors deeper into the site. The simplicity of the layout, combined with effective storytelling about their products, sets a high standard for tech websites.




Airbnb uses compelling imagery and personal stories to draw users in. Their search functionality is seamless, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for quickly. The website’s design speaks directly to its audience, promising ease of use, adventure, unique experiences and user-friendly website design with every click.


Nike’s dynamic website showcases their products through immersive imagery and videos that capture the spirit of athleticism, movement and fun. They constantly update content to keep it fresh and relevant, proving that timely updates can keep users coming back.


ASOS excels at creating an engaging shopping experience online. With detailed menu navigation, product descriptions, multiple images from various angles, and model video clips, customers get a comprehensive view before making a purchase. Their easy-to-use filter options enhance user experience by making searches more efficient.



Patagonia’s homepage has 2 goals – drive customers towards easily purchasing what they’re looking for, and reinforce their brand image. They achieve these goals through easy navigation (and simple product categories), and through attention-grabbing images that convey a sense of adventure and show their products being used out in the world. The home page doesn’t overwhelm with too many navigation options, so it’s easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. The takeaway from this site is that you don’t need to give your website browser too many options. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) applies here! Captivating images and seamless navigation give a website simplistic appeal.



By examining these commercialised sites, we see key themes emerge: clear messaging, high-quality visuals, seamless user journeys, and regular updates that make these websites effective tools in their brand’s marketing arsenals. Proving that you do not need overcomplicated design to get you noticed, you just need website strategy!



Here Are 4 Factors You Must Consider for Your New Website



User-Friendly Website Design

User-friendly website design makes sure your website is easy for everyone to use. This means making the interface simple and having a layout that shows off what your business does best—right away. It’s about creating an experience that feels effortless for the visitor. Think of it as rolling out the red carpet online, guiding users exactly where they want to go without any fuss. Having fast-loading pages is also part of being user-friendly. Users expect information quickly and won’t wait around if things take too long to load. 

User-friendly website design incorporates both UX (user experience design) and UI (user interface design). UX focuses on the overall feel of the experience, while UI deals with the specific visual elements that people interact with. 

When we build websites, we keep user needs at the forefront of our mind at every step, ensuring interactions on the websites are intuitive. By creating sites that look amazing, work smoothly and use the principles of UX and UI, we can engage website browsers and convert them into paying customers.

Mobile Responsiveness

Having a mobile-responsive website is no longer optional – it’s crucial. Our goal is to ensure that your site adjusts smoothly to any screen size, providing an excellent experience for everyone, no matter how they access it. This approach meets the expectations of modern web users and also positions your brand as adaptive and customer-focused in a digital-first world.

When we create websites, we focus on making sure your website looks great and works well on mobile devices. Most people use their phones to browse the internet today. We take into account everything from touch interactions to load speed because we know these factors impact how visitors view your business on mobile devices. Making your website accessible and enjoyable for mobile users can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates.

SEO Optimisation

SEO optimisation stands as a beacon for driving the success of your website. It’s about making sure your site pops up first when potential customers are searching online. If you want your website to succeed, you need an SEO strategy that includes keyword research, link building and content optimisation. When it comes to the SEO for websites we create, we focus on developing finely-tuned on-page SEO content strategies that will resonate with both search engines and humans. We weave relevant keywords and links seamlessly into well-written articles, blog posts, and product descriptions to catch the eye of Google’s algorithms and browsing customers. This strategy boosts visibility, inviting more clicks and conversions without compromising quality or readability. Our aim? To make every visit to a site bring someone a step closer to conversion, by meeting the visitor with precisely what they were seeking out.

Clear Messaging and Branding

A website needs to reflect the essence of your brand through consistent visual elements, tone of voice, and a user-friendly interface. An effective website communicates your mission and values clearly while ensuring that visitors understand who you are at first glance. When we design sites, we prioritise simple language, engaging and high-quality visuals, and a seamless experience. This way, we can build trust with potential customers while reinforcing brand identity.

Tips for Choosing the Right Website Design and Development Agency


When choosing a web design agency, always consider their portfolio and proven experience. By examining their previous work, you can gain insight into their capabilities, style, and the types of brands they have worked with in the past. We also recommend that you make sure the website design agency has positive testimonials and proven case studies. This can offer valuable insights into the agency’s performance and customer satisfaction levels. If the agency has a glowing portfolio, positive reviews, and a proven track record of delivering high-quality websites that align with their clients’ objectives, they are probably a great pick!

Take a look at our website portfolio

Make Sure They Can Provide All the Services You Need, Including Website Strategy, Design, Development, UX/UI Design, Content Writing & SEO!

A comprehensive web design agency should be able to offer a range of services beyond just creating a visually appealing site. Look for an agency that combines purpose with design, development, content writing, UX/UI design and SEO services. This ensures that all aspects of your website are handled seamlessly, from the initial design phase to the ongoing optimisation for search engines. An agency that offers a full suite of services can save you time and resources, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to your web presence – and ultimately save you costly website mistakes!


Our website packages offer all the services you need – take a look.


Check Up On Their Communication & Project Management Skills

Effective communication is key to a successful partnership with a web design agency. Make sure the agency is responsive, understands your needs, and communicates clearly. Good project management skills are also crucial. The agency should be able to provide a clear outline, timeline, set milestones, and keep you updated on the progress of your project. This helps to ensure that the project stays on track and meets your expectations.


Make Sure They Have the Latest Know-How, Tools & Tech

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and your website needs to stay current with the latest trends and technologies. Ensure the agency is knowledgeable about the latest web design standards, coding languages, plugins and tools. They should also be innovative and able to suggest creative solutions that can set your website apart from the competition. A top website agency that stays ahead of the curve can help your business stay modern, relevant and competitive.


Consider Their Understanding of Your Industry

An agency with experience in your specific industry can bring valuable insights and a deeper understanding of your audience and business goals. They are more likely to understand the unique challenges and opportunities within your industry and can tailor their services to meet your specific needs. This specialised knowledge can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your website.

Are They Collaborative? Receptive to Feedback?

When selecting a web design agency, it is crucial to consider how open they are to collaboration, communication, and your ongoing feedback. Open and transparent communication ensures that your vision for the website is clearly understood by the agency. This fosters a collaborative environment where ideas are exchanged freely, leading to a website that truly reflects your brand. Look for an agency that keeps you updated throughout the process, values your input, and actively involves you in decision-making by offering revisions. Furthermore, effective collaboration between your team and the web design agency is vital for achieving the desired results. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities on both sides encourages a smooth workflow and minimises misunderstandings. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions are essential for ensuring that the final product meets your expectations while adhering to deadlines.

Look for Pricing and Packages That Meet Your Needs

Every business has unique needs and budgets. So look for an agency that can meet yours. At Marketing Your Brand, we offer a range of website package options to suit all sorts of brands, from small business start ups through to large corporations. We’ve structured our packages to ensure businesses of all sizes can find a solution that fits the size of their website needs.

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The influence a well-designed website can have on your brand and customer base cannot be understated. To succeed in the competitive online environment, your website needs to be user-friendly, mobile responsive, search engine optimised, clear, and brimming with high-quality imagery. Selecting an experienced web design agency that aligns with your business needs is crucial. Always book a meeting and review their portfolio, range of services offered, communication methods, and pricing packages before making a decision.

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